River Quay, South Bank is an exciting new dining precinct situated at South Bank, Brisbane.

River Quay celebrates the introduction of five new restaurants to South Bank – all with their own distinct styles but focussed on the love of food, the provenance of food and those who make up the food community – growers, artisans, educators, academics, chefs, wine connoisseurs and food lovers.

River Quay, South Bank aims to help drive knowledge around the concepts of ‘locovore’ and sustainability and is dedicated to positive experiences that can be shared with friends and family.


Pre 1890, South Bank was the central business district of Brisbane, an industrial port, and close by, Stanley Street, and had the dubious distinction of having the largest number of hotels where people met for food, drink and fun. During the early days of South Bank's history (what was then South Brisbane), the land was heavily used for agriculture. The increase in Brisbane’s population during the 1860′s and 1870's encouraged agriculture by providing a strong local market for produce. Maize, the first successful staple crop, was grown at South Brisbane. By 1930, South Bank had established itself as a bustling river port and industrial zone that was buzzing with markets, wharves, dance halls and theatres.

quoteThis is a tangled mass of trees, vines, flowering creepers, staghorns, elkhorns, towering scrub palms, giant ferns, beautiful and rare orchids and the wild passion-flower; while along the river bank were the water lily in thousands and the convolvulus of glorious hue. ” – anon, 1820s